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ARSG 6 - Broadcasting service

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Australian Radiocommunications Study Group 6, Broadcasting service

The Australian Radiocommunications Study Group 6 (ARSG 6) has been established by the ACMA to prepare for International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) Study Group 6 meetings in preparation for the study period ending at Radiocommunication Assembly. ARSG 6 studies systems of the broadcasting and broadcasting-satellite services, including international exchange of programs, audio and video frequency recording equipment, as well as the overall performance of the means of delivering signals to the general public, where they are used for sound, television, data and ancillary services accompanying sound and television.

On the basis of inputs from industry, Government organisations and other interested stakeholders and taking into account Government policy, ARSG 6 will:

  • study, coordinate and provide expert advice to the ACMA to assist in the development of Australian positions and contributions for Australian Delegations to ITU-R Study Group 6 and its subordinate group meetings;
  • promote and encourage Australian expertise, research and participation in ITU-R Study Group 6 matters; and
  • provide advice and guidance on relevant ARSG 6 matters to other ARSGs and domestic bodies as necessary.

ARSG 6 Chairman

Mr Andrew King

Last updated: 08 January 2014