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ARSG 4 - Satellite service

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Australian Radiocommunications Study Group 4, Satellite services

The Australian Radiocommunications Study Group 4 (ARSG 4) has been established by the ACMA to prepare for International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) Study Group 4 meetings in preparation for the study period ending at the Radiocommunication Assembly. ARSG 4 develops and studies systems and networks of the fixed-satellite service, mobile-satellite service, broadcasting-satellite service, radiodetermination-satellite service and inter-satellite links in the fixed-satellite service, including associated tracking, telemetry and telecommand functions.

On the basis of inputs from industry, Government organisations and other interested stakeholders and taking into account Government policy, ARSG 4 will:

  • study, coordinate and provide expert advice to the ACMA to assist in the development of Australian positions and contributions for Australian Delegations to ITU-R Study Group 4 and its subordinate group meetings;
  • promote and encourage Australian expertise, research and participation in ITU-R Study Group 4 matters, and
  • provide advice and guidance on relevant ARSG 4 matters to other ARSGs and domestic bodies as necessary.

ARSG 4 Chairman

Mr J A Vipond

Last updated: 05 November 2013