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Business operating procedures

Business Operating Procedures (BOPs) are the operational codification of the business policy, procedures and processes of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA). BOPs are usually relevant to the frequency assignment work of accredited persons, and may contain references to further relevant documents, including ITU Radio Regulations, statutory and administrative instruments, recommendations and standards.

BOPs list

  1. Audit of frequency assignment certificates issued by accredited persons (.docx)
  2. ACMA contact details for accredited persons (.docx)
  3. Submission of antenna radiation pattern envelope data to the ACMA (.docx)
  4. Assignment limit for co-path single-channel links in the VHF and UHF bands (.docx)
  5. Airservices Australia endorsement of frequency assignments to support applications for aeronautical or aircraft apparatus licences (.docx)
  6. Frequency assignment and licensing arrangements for automatic identification systems in the VHF maritime mobile band (.docx)
  7. Procedure for submitting requests for exemptions from embargoes (.docx)
  8. Radiocommunications site data requirements (.docx)
  9. Vary the technical conditions of an LPON (.docx)
  10. Restriction on Earth Station apparatus licensing - Alice Springs, NT
  11. Application of the coverage data field on a spectrum access (.docx)
  12. Submission and processing of applications for earth station apparatus licences
  13. Licensing procedures for ESIMs communicating with GSO space stations in the FSS  in 19.7–20.2 GHz and 29.5–30.0 GHz (.docx) 
  14. Interim Licensing procedures for ESIMs communicating with GSO/NGSO space stations in the FSS in part of the Ka Band (.docx)
  15. Submission and processing of applications for space and space receive apparatus licences (.docx)

Further information can be found in the ACMA's BOP disclaimer (.docx)

Last updated: 26 July 2019