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About licensing processes

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A summary of SPECTRA process details is set out below.




Licence renewals

Licence renewal terms

Licence renewals are issued for the same term e.g. an initial licence taken out for 5 years will receive a renewal notice for another 5 years

Renewal Summary

The Renewal Summary provides licensees with a summary of licences that have been renewed by the ACMA. Where customers elect email as their communication preference, the validation notice will be provided as a CSV file.


Validation notice

A Validation Notice is issued prior to renewal – 90 days before expiry date (CSV or PDF).


The validation notice includes a summary of all the licences held by the customer and the expected costs to renew each licence. The intention of the validation notices is to give licensees the opportunity to review their current licences and request any changes or surrenders prior to a renewal notice being issued 30 days before the expiry date of the licences. Where customers elect email as their communication preference, the validation notice will be provided as a CSV file.

Renewal notice

Renewal notices are sent 30 days before expiry date

Renewals for exempt customers

Licences are renewed automatically for exempt customers when renewal notice is issued

Amateur licensing

Station location

Recorded in the ACMA licensing database

Licence specific special conditions for Amateurs e.g. special conditions for Earth/Moon experiments

Displayed on the licence and the RRL

Register of Radiocommunications Licences (RRL)


Information can be downloaded from the ACMA website download free of charge



PDF versions of renewed or transferred licences will be available online, licensees can download a copy of those licences themselves. The ACMA charges for the reprint of a licence.



Summary of Transfer

The Summary of Transfer letter is sent to both the seller and buyer involved in an application to transfer apparatus licences once the application has been processed. The letter provides details of what licences were transferred and who the current and new owners are.



The Surrender Confirmation provides licensees with a summary of licences that they requested to be surrendered. The summary shows each licence that was surrender and the surrendered value, if greater than $30. Where the unused portion is below $30, the surrendered value will be $0. The surrender confirmation also includes a reference number. This reference number will be included on refund cheques to allow customers to cross-reference the cheque with the surrender confirmation letter. The letter advises customers that if a refund cheque is due, it will be sent shortly. The confirmation letter will be sent separately to the refund cheque.


For more information please contact Customer Service Centre on 1300 850 115 or email info@acma.gov.au.

Last updated: 21 February 2017