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Regional 1800 MHz band allocation

The ACMA has commenced the process, legislated under Part 3.6 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992, to allocate spectrum in the regional 1800 MHz band (frequency range 1725 MHz–1785 MHz and 1820 MHz–1880 MHz) by spectrum licence.

The ACMA intends to allocate the regional 1800 MHz band in November 2015 by auction.

Guiding you through the allocation process

The ACMA has prepared the below indicative timeline to guide you through the key stages in the allocation process. You can access up-to-date information on each of the stages as it becomes available by clicking on the stage that interests you.

November 2015 Stage 6 Auction and auction results September 2015 Stage 5 The ACMA releases and applicant information package and calls for applications to participate in the auction June 2015 Stage 4 The ACMA releases for public comment the auction rules, marketing plan and other technical instruments May 2015 Stage 3 The minister makes a spectrum reallocation declaration May 2015 Stage 2 The ACMA gives to the Minister for Communications a recommendation to make a spectrum reallocation declaration The ACMA releases for public comment the terms of the draft reallocation recommendation

Written notice for the regional 1800 MHz band reallocation declaration (Word 1.3 Kb)

The ACMA intends to progress to an auction in line with the indicative timeline set out above. The ACMA emphasises that all steps beyond stage three of the indicative timeline are contingent on the minister making a reallocation declaration in line with the ACMA’s recommendation.


Embargo 62

Since 2011, the ACMA has applied an embargo to the regional 1800 MHz band to facilitate its replanning. Further information about the embargo can be found here.

Previous consultation

In 2012, the ACMA commenced consultation with stakeholders to identify appropriate future licensing arrangements in the regional 1800 MHz band that would balance the needs of both existing and prospective licensees. Information about previous consultations can be found here.

Staying informed

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Last updated: 04 February 2015