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Can you use your wireless microphone?

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has revised regulations protecting consumers from buying wireless microphones or audio devices operating in the 694‑820 megahertz (MHz) frequency range. This is the outcome of extensive consultation with suppliers and users of this equipment to ensure that suppliers inform customers that the equipment they sell is suitable for use from 1 January 2015.

From today, suppliers selling any wireless microphone using that frequency must include a written statement warning the buyer that it will be illegal to use it after 31 December 2014. The revised rules do not apply to compliant wireless microphones and audio devices already in the market.

‘Many community groups and small businesses use wireless microphones in their day-to-day work—ranging from school assemblies to local theatres to gyms and places of worship,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

‘The intention continues to be to give Australians as much time as possible to prepare for the changes and we strongly encourage people to check their equipment now. Anyone considering buying a new wireless microphone or audio device should check for the warning label and ensure they are buying a compliant one,’ he added.

To help community groups and small businesses understand how these changes will affect them and what they should do, the ACMA has published a series of factsheets on its website.

From 1 January 2015, the 694-820 MHz frequency range will be used by telecommunications companies to provide 4G mobile broadband services. From this date, wireless microphones and audio devices need to be re-tuned or replaced, so they use spectrum in the 520-694 MHz or 1790-1800 MHz frequency ranges. If they can’t be retuned, they can’t be legally used after that date.

In coming weeks, the ACMA will finalise a proposal to restrict the supply of non-compliant wireless microphones in the market. This change will be announced through the ACMA’s wireless microphones e-bulletin. The ACMA encourages wireless audio device users to discuss these upcoming changes with their suppliers.

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