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900 MHz Band Plan


The 900 MHz Band Plan ceased on 1 October 2015 under sunsetting requirements of the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 (LIA). Since 1 October 2015 the radiofrequency channeling arrangements contained in the band plan are recorded in RALI MS 40: Frequency Plan for Services in the 800 MHz Band 803 - 890 MHz  and RALI MS 41: Frequency Plan for Services in the 900 MHz Band 890 - 960 MHz.


The 900 MHz Band Plan was made in 1992, primarily to facilitate the introduction of public mobile telecommunications competition in Australia, and, in particular, to provide spectrum allocations for cordless telephone services including public access cordless telephone services and to provide for the transition from AMPS to digital cellular mobile telephone services using GSM technology.

It was updated in June 1997 to improve the utility of the digital mobile telephone bands, and in July 1999 to remove conditions that potentially inhibited the implementation of the Government's program for the closure of the analog mobile telephone service.

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Last updated: 26 February 2019