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2.1 GHz Band Plan

Note: The Television Outside Broadcast Service (1980-2110 MHz and 2170-2300 MHz) Frequency Band Plan 2012 revoked this Band Plan on 26 March 2012.

The 2.1 GHz Band Frequency Band Plan 2002 came into effect on 1 May 2002 following a period of public comment in January 2002. It was developed from the Multipoint Distribution System Frequency Band Plan 2000, which it replaces.

The main purposes of the 2.1 GHz Band Frequency Band Plan 2002 are:

  • to provide that 25 July 2002 is the last day when Multipoint Distribution System (MDS) services may be used in the MDS A Band (2076 - 2111 MHz) in most parts of Australia;
  • to allow existing MDS A Band services to continue at specific locations in Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Tasmania and North Queensland until 30 September 2003, to maintain the delivery of pay television services in these areas (this was necessary because of unforeseen delays in the provision of other means of delivery of the pay TV service); and
  • to provide for the 2076 - 2110 MHz frequency band to be used for fixed point-to-point services that will be cleared from other parts of the spectrum to make way for third generation (3G) mobile phone services.

The Plan was varied in October 2002 to correct some location specific information, and in September 2003 to allow existing MDS services to continue to operate at the specific locations referred to above until 31 March 2004.

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