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Spectrum licensing takes shape

With our work plan for expiring spectrum licences a major priority in 2012, some important milestones are being reached.

Earlier this month, Senator Stephen Conroy, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, announced the price for reissue of expiring spectrum licences and released two related instruments, which will provide certainty for both industry and consumers in Australia.

The Radiocommunications (Class of Services) Determination 2012 and the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Access Charge) Direction 2012 allow the ACMA to begin the administrative reissue process. We'll be writing to all affected licensees to explain the reissue process as their spectrum licences come up to expiry. Our first priority is to assess those licences in the 800 MHz and the 1800 MHz bands that have the earliest expiry dates in 2013. Our work plan for expiring spectrum licences in different bands will be released in the near future.

We've also released a reference paper explaining the Australian spectrum map grid 2012.

Over the past five years, we've been engaging with stakeholders on a wide range of measures that aim to improve spectrum licensing frameworks. We invite you to subscribe to our monthly engage e-newsletter for further announcements on expiring spectrum licences.

Additional information about the reissue process, the radiofrequency spectrum and spectrum licensing is available on the ACMA website.

Last updated: 11 December 2017