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Auction Summary—27 GHz Broadband wireless access—2000




Auction date

28 November 2000

Amount raised

$37.6 m 

Licence end date

18 January 2016

The 27 GHz spectrum auction closed on 28 November 2000 after 3 bidding rounds at a total of $37.603 million. The successful applicants were Agility Networks Pty Ltd and Shin Satellite Public Company Ltd.

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Spectrum detail

Band details

26.5–27.5 GHz (suitable for pairing at a 50 MHz split but sold unpaired throughout Australia)

Licence types

Spectrum licences

Previous use


Licence period

15 years from 18 January 2001 till 18 January 2016

 Auction details

Type of allocation

Price based allocation of spectrum licences under s60 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 following the designation of unencumbered spectrum for spectrum licensing, under s36 of the Act.

Method of sale

Simultaneous multiple round (SMR) auction over 3 rounds. There were 126 lots (21 allocation areas, each with six lots of unpaired spectrum) available.

Competition limits


Legal instruments



Bidder Number

Initial Eligibility

Winning Bid Amounts

Shin Satellite Public Co Ltd




Agility Networks Pty Ltd







Note that maximum possible eligiblity was 242000.


The auction of this band in response to market demand was to provide more opportunities for the introduction of broadband radio-communications services capable of carrying telephony, data, Pay TV, Internet access and video teleconferencing.

The spectrum on offer was in the 27 GHz band (26.5 GHz–27.5 GHz). The ACA auctioned licences throughout Australia based on the following 21 market areas, each with six lots of unpaired spectrum: Perth, Regional Western Australia, Northern Territory, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales, Regional New South Wales, Regional South Australia, Adelaide, Regional Victoria, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, South Coast New South Wales and Tasmania.

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