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Auction summary —2300 MHz Multipoint distribution station conversion—2000




Conversion date

24 July 2000

Amount raised

$71 m

Licence end date

24 July 2015

During 2000, the ACA converted 5-year MDS apparatus licences in the B band (2302-2400 MHz) to 15-year spectrum licences. The licensees paid a spectrum access charge (conversion fee) of $71 million in total. The spectrum licences may be used for any purposes provided transmissions comply with the technical framework, which will allow a wider variety of uses than the former MDS licences.

In general, MDS apparatus licences in the A band (2076-2110 MHz) remained in force until 25 July 2002, although MDS A band services at specific locations in Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Tasmania and North Queensland continued until 30 September 2003. After this time, the spectrum was used for other purposes as outlined in the 2.1 GHz Band Frequency Band Plan 2002.

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* Note: Spectrum licensees for converted MDS B band only – original MDS A band apparatus licences were not renewed after 2004

Spectrum details

Band details

A band 2076-2111 MHz (unpaired)
B band 2300-2400 MHz (unpaired)
2302-2400 MHz was designated for spectrum licensing

Licence types

Spectrum licences

Previous use

Some Multipoint Distribution Station excluding pay TV use, space operations and research.

Licence period

The conversion process replaced B band apparatus licences issued for renewable periods of up to 5 years with 15 year spectrum licences

Auction details

Type of allocation

Conversion of band B licences to spectrum licences under ss36, 38 & 60.

Method of sale

Conversion at a negotiated price

Competition limits


Legal instruments




See MDS Auction 1994

Last updated: 19 July 2018