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Radio-controlled models class licence

The Radiocommunications (Radio-controlled Models) Class Licence 2015 (the Radio-controlled models class licence) authorises the equipment used for the radio control of model aircraft, landcraft and watercraft. This page contains information about the class licence and its usage conditions.

Class licences

Class licences authorise the use of many radiocommunications devices, as long as they comply with the conditions of the licence and the provisions of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 (the Act).

Under a class licence, all users share the same spectrum segment and are subject to the same conditions. The class licence governs equipment standards and the frequencies that may be used, and can specify other technical and operational parameters. You do not need to apply for a class licence and no licence fees are payable.

Conditions of operation

Interference management

Transmitters operating under the Radio-controlled models class licence must not cause interference to other radiocommunications services. This includes interference to other radio-controlled model systems.

If your equipment creates interference, you are obliged to take measures to resolve that interference, for example by retuning or ceasing to operate the device.

Operating frequencies and power levels

The Radio-controlled models class licence authorises operation of transmitters that have a maximum equivalent isotropically radiated power greater than 300 milliwatts and not exceeding 1 watt.

Your radio-controlled model transmitter must not exceed the maximum output power that is specified in the licence. To do so is a breach of the class licence conditions.

The class licence specifies the use of frequency band 29.72 to 30 MHz for the control of model aircraft, landcraft and watercraft, as well as frequency band 36 to 36.6 MHz for model aircraft and watercraft.

In the 36 MHz band, model aircraft and watercraft operations may operate on a carrier frequency obtained using the formula:

35.990 + n(0.020) MHz where n = 1-30

Only model aircraft may operate on a carrier frequency obtained using the formula:

36.000 + n(0.020) MHz where n = 1-29.

Complying with mandatory standards, and specifications

Your equipment must comply with the relevant mandatory radiocommunications standards, equipment specifications or equipment compliance requirements that are specified in the class licence.

Breaches of licence conditions

Users of class licensed devices must comply with all conditions in the class licence. Subsection 132(3) of the Act states:

'Operation of a radio-communications device is not authorised by a class licence if it is not in accordance with the conditions of the licence.'

If you breach any condition of the class licence (for example, operating on a frequency not mentioned in the class licence) you are no longer authorised under the class licence and may be liable for prosecution.

Last updated: 14 February 2017