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About Accreditation

The accreditation scheme allows persons outside the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) to perform certain activities related to the authorisation of radiocommunications services.

The ACMA currently accredits persons to issue:

  1. frequency assignment certificates, which detail frequency coordination work performed in the context of apparatus licensing;

  2. interference impact certificates, which detail interference impact assessments performed in the context of spectrum licensing for registering devices (transmitters) to be operated under the spectrum licence.

Accredited persons may work either directly for an organisation in planning its communications systems, or on a consultancy basis. Accredited persons are not employed by the ACMA. The ACMA is not responsible for the work of accredited persons. Many accredited persons working as consultants offer a range of other communications related services in addition to their work under the accreditation scheme.

You can view a list of accredited persons who have agreed to make their details public:

For information about the procedure for becoming an accredited person, read the following:

For information about the function of interference impact certificates and other aspects of the accreditation scheme, view:

Documents to support the work of accredited persons can be found in the following areas:

Forms for use by accredited persons may be found in the Business Forms area.

Review of the AP Scheme

Following a review of the operation and effectiveness of the AP Scheme, the ACMA has expanded the opportunity for suitably qualified individuals from both the private and Commonwealth sectors to participate.

The major changes to the AP scheme are:

  1. recognising New Zealand engineering qualifications as equivalent for Australian accreditation

  2. removing the requirement for some Commonwealth agencies to provide a Deed of Indemnity to the ACMA for their employees

  3. establishing a mechanism for the withdrawal of accreditation if an AP has been inactive for at least two years.

To implement these changes, the ACMA amended the Radiocommunications Radiocommunications (Accreditation - Prescribed Certificates) - Principles 2003, the legislative instrument that governs how the AP scheme operates. The amendments came into effect on 1 July 2011.

To view the changes that apply to this instrument, please view the Radiocommunications (Accreditation — Prescribed Certificates) Amendment Principles 2011 (No. 1).

Last updated: 17 December 2012