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Do Not Call Register exemptions

Following the recently published CHOICE report, Who’s on the Line: Unsolicited phone calls and the consumer experience, the Australian Communications and Media Authority is providing the following information about telemarketing—including calls made by registered charities—in Australia.

The Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (the DNCR Act) Act prohibits the making of telemarketing calls to personal telephone numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register. There are a limited number of exemptions to the DNCR Act specified in legislation, including an exemption for telemarketing calls made or authorised by registered charities.

However, all telemarketers—including registered charities and other exempt organisations under the DNCR Act—are bound by the Telemarketing Standard. Information about the Telemarketing Standard can be found here.

Importantly, under the Telemarketing Standard, telemarketing calls may not be made at the following times:


Research calls

Telemarketing calls


Before 9.00 am or after 8.30 pm

Before 9.00 am or after 8.00 pm


Before 9.00 am or after 5.00 pm

Before 9.00 am or after 5.00 pm


Before 9.00 am or after 5.00 pm

Calls prohibited

National Public Holidays

Calls prohibited

Calls prohibited

In addition, under the Telemarketing Standard, any specific telemarketing call must be terminated upon request by the recipient. A polite but firm, ‘I wish to terminate this call now’, should be enough.

Consumers who do not wish to be contacted again by a particular registered charity should specifically ask the calling charity to remove their name from its calling lists.

This approach is underpinned by Australian Privacy Principle 7.

All organisations, including charities, are required to discontinue contacting consumers that have requested that direct marketing stop.

Some telephone companies offer handsets and technologies that can help consumers to screen all calls. Consumers should contact their telephone company directly to explore these options.

Complaints about telemarketing that may breach the DNCR Act or the Telemarketing Standard can be made by calling the Do Not Call Register on 1300 792 958 or by visiting the website.

30 September 2016


Last updated: 30 September 2016