Salmat Digital awarded Do Not Call Register contract | ACMA

Salmat Digital awarded Do Not Call Register contract

Salmat Digital has been awarded the contract to operate the Do Not Call Register on behalf of the Australia Communications and Media Authority. 

The Do Not Call Register has become an effective and popular way for Australians to reduce the number of unwanted telemarketing calls they receive. In the seven years since the Do Not Call Register started, it has grown to nearly ten million fixed and mobile numbers.

Salmat Digital is experienced in delivering best-in-breed technology that is agile and innovative, and has the experience that is so important for the complex services that form part of the Do Not Call Register,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

‘We consider them a great fit for the requirement of operating, for five years, the service that has come to be valued by so many Australians.’

Apart from allowing Australians to register their numbers to avoid receiving unwanted telemarketing calls, the Do Not Call Register also provides a service to businesses that do telemarketing. Businesses can provide their call lists to the Register operator for ‘washing’ – a process that removes numbers on the Register from those call lists. In the last two years alone, 1,770 businesses have used the Register to check 80-100 million numbers every month.

Salmat Digital will be responsible for operating these registration and washing services, as well as running the website and taking complaints from people who have received unsolicited telemarketing calls for analysis and action by the ACMA.

‘We look forward to working with Salmat Digital to further improve the experience for ordinary Australians and businesses using the Register,’ Mr Chapman added.

The Do Not Call Register is a model for other countries that regulate telemarketing calls. The transition to Salmat Digital is expected to be seamless with no need for Australians to re-register their numbers.

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 The Do Not Call Register is established under the Do Not Call Register Act 2006. 57 per cent of the numbers registered are for fixed lines and 43 per cent for mobiles.

It is illegal for most marketing calls to be made to numbers on the Register. The vast majority of businesses that undertake telemarketing do the right thing, checking their call lists against the Register.

Marketing calls from charities, educational institutions, religious organisations and political candidates are permitted, as are calls from businesses with which the recipient has an established relationship. The Do Not Call Register is not, however, designed to stop or reduce scam calls. An infographic is available here.

The ACMA is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Register. Salmat Digital is expected to take over day-to-day operations of the Register in mid-2015.

The ACMA is also responsible for addressing complaints from recipients of unsolicited telemarketing calls and for ensuring compliance with the Do Not Call Register Act 2006. Since the start of the Register, the ACMA has received over 110,000 complaints and nearly 80,000 enquiries, made over 7,500 contacts with businesses responsible for telemarketing calls, and conducted over 80 formal investigations.

Under government procurement rules, the ACMA was required to test the market as the contract with its current provider had reached its end. By testing the market, the ACMA was able to ensure that the future operation of the Register represents best value for money.

Salmat Digital was selected as the new service provider following a competitive tender process in which ten companies participated. Salmat Digital’s tender bid was assessed as the superior offer.


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Last updated: 21 February 2017