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Unsolicited marketing faxes

ACMA Media release: 41/2011 - 5 May

The ACMA has finalised the Fax Marketing Industry Standard 2011 (the standard), which sets rules about when and how fax marketers can contact people.

'There is concern at the rate of growth in recent years and the inconvenience and intrusiveness of unsolicited fax marketing on Australians,' said ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman.

'After consulting with the fax marketing industry, consumers, and consumer organisations, the standard is effective from today and will provide the community with greater certainty regarding the behaviour they can expect from fax marketers.'

Key conditions of the standard include:

  • the times when marketing faxes cannot be sent
  • information that must be provided on a marketing fax
  • provision of opt-out functionality
  • limiting the number of marketing faxes that can be sent to a number over a particular period.

The standard applies to all participants in the fax marketing industry and to all marketing faxes sent to Australian fax numbers, whether or not the numbers are on the Do Not Call Register.

'This means that any business, charity, researcher, or other organisation that sends unsolicited marketing faxes must meet the requirements in the industry standard,' Mr Chapman said.

The ACMA has a number of enforcement options, ranging from formal warnings to penalties of up to $250,000. More information is available on the ACMA website.

The Do Not Call Register is a free Federal Government service where Australians can register their numbers to opt out of telemarketing calls and marketing faxes. To register call 1300 792 958 or visit www.donotcall.gov.au.

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Last updated: 04 October 2016