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Spam: government and industry action FAQ

What is the Australian Government doing to stop spam?

Spam is a global problem and the majority of spam comes from overseas. The Australian Government is committed to fighting spam through:

Visit How the ACMA is fighting spam for more detailed information about these activities, and find out what penalties can apply for breaching the Spam Act in the powers and penalties section.

How do industry codes of practice help reduce spam?

There are two codes of practice relating to email messaging:

These codes were developed by industry, regulatory and consumer representatives.

The internet industry code sets out how internet and email service providers should address the sources of spam within their own networks. It requires service providers to provide users with information about filtering options and how to deal with spam.

The e-marketing code sets out rules and guidelines for businesses sending electronic messages, and outlines how they can meet the requirements of the Spam Act.

For more detailed information about industry codes, visit the Spam Act and codes of practice section.

What can internet service providers and electronic messaging service providers do to stop spam?

Internet and electronic messaging service providers can help fight spam by meeting the requirements set out in the Spam Code. The Spam Code has information on:

  • closing open relays and proxies
  • providing filtering to customers
  • providing customers with practical and accessible information on reducing spam.

Last updated: 05 October 2016