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Welcome to the ACMA's interactive gambling regulation hub.

Interactive gambling in Australia is regulated by the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA).

What is interactive gambling?

‘Interactive gambling’ is a term largely interchangeable with internet, remote or online gambling. It is most commonly used to refer to gambling services that are provided using the internet.

Under the IGA, an interactive gambling service also includes a gambling service provided by other means such as a listed carriage service or a broadcasting service. 

What interactive gambling services are prohibited?

The IGA makes it an offence to provide or advertise the following services to customers in Australia:

  • prohibited interactive gambling services—such as online casinos, online slot machines and online wagering services that accept ‘in-play’ betting on sports events

  • unlicensed regulated interactive gambling services—such as online wagering services provided without a licence issued by an Australian state or territory.

It also prohibits certain interactive wagering services providers from providing or facilitating the provision of credit to their customers.

See the Interactive Gambling Act reforms for further details.

What is the role of the ACMA?

The ACMA deals with all complaints and investigations into the provision of prohibited or unlicensed regulated interactive gambling services and advertisements.

We can take enforcement action including issuing formal warnings and infringement notices, and applying to the Federal Court for civil penalty orders or injunctions. We also have the option to refer matters to the Australian Federal Police for investigation, or the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, if we think a matter might warrant criminal prosecution.

The ACMA can also refer relevant directors and principals of offending operators to Australian border protection agencies for possible inclusion on the Movement Alert List, which is used in deciding whether a person should be allowed to enter Australia. We can also notify international regulators of gambling services licensed in their jurisdiction that are operating in breach of the IGA.

The ACMA publishes a Register of licensed interactive wagering services that are licensed to be provided in Australia so that people that are looking to gamble will be aware of what services are provided legally and will not inadvertently use an illegal offshore service.

What the ACMA will not do

We do not resolve complaints about the outcome of your gambling transaction or about the service you have received. For example, we cannot help you get back money you have deposited with a gambling service and we cannot provide legal advice.

If you have experienced an issue recovering money from an internet gambling service or have concerns about the terms and conditions, bonus offers, ID verification, IT issues or other customer service issues, you may wish to seek independent legal advice, or consider making a complaint to the relevant licensing authority or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have reason to believe that a prohibited interactive gambling service or an unlicensed regulated interactive gambling service is being provided to Australian customers or advertised in Australia, you can complain to the ACMA.

Information on how to lodge a complaint under the IGA and the details required is on our gambling complaints page.

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Last updated: 22 September 2017