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No code breach on Seven news report

ACMA Media Release 135- 16 December 2011

A Channel Seven News segment broadcast in February this year about a remark made by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott did not breach the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice 2010 requirements for news programs to be:

  • factually accurate, and
  • presented fairly and impartially.

The news segment included footage of Mr Abbott in discussion with US and Australian military leaders while visiting Afghanistan in August 2010, following the death of an Australian soldier. The segment also included footage of an interview with Mr Abbott in which he was invited to explain a remark he had made in the course of those discussions.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority found that the judgmental language and tone of the segment's opening was countered by the weight of contextualising material and the inclusion in the segment of the entire interview with Mr Abbott. The ACMA also found that the ordinary reasonable viewer of the segment as a whole would have understood what Mr Abbott's remark was about, its context and that it was not made in a cavalier or dismissive way.

For these reasons, no breach was found.

Investigation Report 2573 is available on the ACMA website.

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