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GTV advertises in 'blackout' period

Media release 24/2011 - 9 March

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that the licensee of GTV, General Television Corporation Pty Ltd, breached a condition of its licence by broadcasting an election advertisement during the three day 'blackout' period leading up to the 2010 State election in Victoria.

It is a condition under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the Act) that commercial television licensees not broadcast an election advertisement during what is commonly known as the 'blackout' period. This begins at the end of the Wednesday before polling day and concludes at the close of that polling day.

The ACMA received a complaint on 30 November 2010 regarding an advertisement broadcast by GTV at approximately 8:00pm, Thursday, 25 November 2010, two days before the Victorian State election.

GTV submitted that the error occurred while Nine was relocating its traffic system to a new facility. In response to the breach finding, GTV advised the ACMA that all traffic for GTV is now administered from Sydney using an automated 'cart' system.

There are no previously recorded breaches of this licence condition by a Nine Network licensee. The ACMA will monitor any future complaints to ensure compliance with the rules.

Information on broadcasters' obligations in relation to the broadcasting and communication of political and election matter (and a copy of Investigation Report 2526) is available on the ACMA website.

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