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Improved community safeguards in Codes for subscription television and radio industry

Australians who subscribe to television and radio services have improved community safeguards following the Australian Communication and Media Authority’s recent registration of new codes of practice for these sectors of the industry.

The Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA) undertook an extensive review of the previously registered 2007 codes of practice for subscription narrowcast radio and subscription broadcast and narrowcast television. The review included public consultation, resulting in 18 submissions from organisations and members of the public.

The newly registered codes extend classification obligations to reality television and documentary programming (estimated to affect 24 additional channels and 500 hours of content per day).

‘By increasing classification requirements to include documentary and reality television programming, ASTRA and the subscription television industry are further assisting subscribers to make informed choices’, said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

The codes also make it simpler for people to make complaints where they are concerned that a code has been breached.

‘Subscription broadcasting’s decision to accept code complaints by simple email is an extension of a logical trend for audiences to be able to raise their concerns with broadcasters easily, using the communication platform with which they are most comfortable,’ said Mr Chapman.

The new ASTRA codes of practice are available on ASTRA’s website or via the ACMA’s Register.

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Media release 84/2013 - 7 November

Last updated: 18 July 2016