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Update - Election advertising blackout periods

Wentworth by-election

From 12 am Thursday 18 October 2018, radio and TV broadcasters are prohibited by the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 from showing any election advertisements ahead of the by-election for the federal electorate of Wentworth, to be held on Saturday 20 October 2018. The blackout lasts until the polls close at 6 pm that Saturday.

The election advertising blackout applies to broadcasters whose services broadcast into the radio and TV licence areas which cover the Wentworth electorate, including:

  • commercial television broadcasting licensees
  • commercial radio broadcasting licensees
  • community broadcasting licensees
  • subscription television broadcasting licensees
  • providers of broadcasting services under class licences.

Maps of radio and television licence areas that cover the Wentworth electorate can be accessed here.

The election advertising blackout only applies to broadcasters. It does not include online services and print media.

The  ACMA may update Blackout Period information from time to time in relation to federal, state, territory elections and federal by-elections but for state by-elections and local government elections, you are advised to consult your state or territory electoral commission.

More information about the regulation of political matter on radio and television broadcast services is available here.

Last updated: 18 September 2018