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Assessing children’s programs

Applicants seeking a C (children’s) or P (preschool) classification under the Children's Television Standards 2009 (CTS) for a drama or non-drama program must apply to the ACMA.

Decisions about the classification of programs as C or P programs are made by the ACMA.

Application requirements for C and P classification

The current application requirements for C and P classification have been in effect since November 2011 and are designed to provide a streamlined process for applicants. These requirements reflect the changes made by the ACMA in response to stakeholder recommendations made during the inaugural Children’s Television Classification forum in 2010 and endorsed at the subsequent kids’ classification forum held in 2011.

The ACMA has developed the Guide to children’s television classification to help applicants understand how to interpret the classification criteria. The guide also provides information about the assessment of applications for C and P classification.

Download the Guide (Word | PDF)

Additional information about the classification criteria and the application requirements 

  • Application requirements (PDF  | Word)
  • Assessment procedures (PDF | Word)

  • Criteria for a Children's program (PDF | Word)

  • Table 1 Application requirements for a new program (PDF | Word )

  • Table 2 Application requirements subsequent series (PDF | Word )

  • Table 3 Application requirements renewals (PDF | Word)

  • Application for C and P Program Classification (Form ACMA B13, available on the broadcasting forms page)

Last updated: 26 June 2019