New eligible drama expenditure scheme results: 2012–13 | ACMA

New eligible drama expenditure scheme results: 2012–13

Compliance 2012-13

The subscription television industry spent $13.7 million on Australian and New Zealand drama programs in the 2012-13 financial year. While significantly reduced from previous years, this expenditure meets the minimum obligations under the new eligible drama expenditure scheme. However, the industry must meet a minimum aggregated shortfall requirement of $25.76 million in 2013-14.

The drama expenditure scheme participants fully acquitted the outstanding 2011-12 expenditure obligations of $6.41 million, with $6.42 million nominated by licensees and channel providers to partially acquit the 2012-13 expenditure obligations. 

The expenditure included invested in feature films such as Red Dog, The Cup, Burning Man, The Hunter and Bran Nue Dae, as well as drama series including Wentworth, Conspiracy 365 and Top of the Lake, and upcoming productions Devil’s Playground, Arrowhead, Old School and Gallipoli. While children’s drama produced under the scheme this year included Lah Lah’s Adventure, Lightning Point, Castaways of Eden, Mind Over Maddie, Lost Boys and Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures.  


Revised compliance results and compliance 2011-12

In processing NEDE returns for 2011-12, the ACMA was notified of reporting errors by one participant over four previous reporting periods. Following an extensive review in 2013, the ACMA was satisfied the relevant participant had met the minimum expenditure requirements in each period where revised returns were submitted. 

The revised aggregated compliance information is provided in the table below.

For 2011-12, the subscription television industry spent $24.38 million on new eligible drama, including Dripping in Chocolate, Top of the Lake, Lightning Point, Wentworth, and Tangle (Series 3). While feature films included Beneath Hill 60, I Love You Too, Sanctum and Snowtown.

Licensees and channel providers acquitted their aggregated shortfall of $6.81 million from 2010-11, while attributing $22.53 million towards their 2011-12 expenditure obligation. 

($ mill)
($ mill)
($ mill)
($ mill)
($ mill)
New eligible drama expenditure requirement $33.41 $28.82 $30.87 $27.74 $26.11
Expenditure on new eligible drama                     $13.70 $24.38 $34.63 $36.15 $28.56
Expenditure nominated to make-up previous year's shortfall $6.41 $6.81 $12.11** $11.32 $13.88***
Expenditure nominated towards current year's 10 per cent requirement $6.42 $22.53 $24.05 $15.59 $14.79
Remaining obligation to be acquitted in the next financial year  $25.76 $6.41 $6.81 $12.15 $11.32

*The ACMA released revised figures for compliance in January 2014, following a scheme participant’s re-submission of annual returns for the periods 2007-08 to 2010-11.
** A licensee entered administration in January 2011 reducing the required shortfall obligation from 2009-10.
***A licensee failed to acquit $40,000 of the 2007-08 obligations in 2008-09. An amount equal to this was spent in 2009-10 to acquit the shortfall.

Last updated: 16 November 2017