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Aust content in TV advertising

The objective of the Television Program Standard for Australian Content in Advertising (TPS 23) is to ensure that the majority of advertisements on television are Australian-made, while recognising that the use of some foreign produced advertising has been a reality in the advertising industry for some time.

The standard requires at least 80 per cent of advertising time broadcast each year by commercial television licensees, between the hours of 6am and midnight, to be used for Australian produced advertisements. Up to 20 per cent of total transmission time is therefore available for the broadcast of foreign-produced advertisements. New Zealand commercials have fully qualified as 'Australian' since 1981 under the current and previous standards relating to Australian content in advertisements and advertising.

CAD classification information

Most advertisements are classified as Australian or foreign by Commercials Advice Pty Ltd, which is wholly owned by FreeTV Australia. Advertising agencies submit advertisements to CAD for classification and are required to answer questions about compliance with the standard. They are also required to declare that the information they supply to CAD is correct.

The standard provides for a system of regulation based on advertisements actually broadcast rather than on the number of advertisements classified by CAD. This regulatory approach recognises the different life-span of individual advertisements and the fact that some advertisements may be classified by CAD but never appear on television. Further information about CAD can be found at the FreeTV Australia website.

Last updated: 17 December 2012