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Broadcasting planning resources

The ACMA is responsible for planning and managing the use of spectrum in the broadcasting service bands in Australia.

This page links to documents and other pages on this website that explain and detail the ways that broadcasting planning is performed in Australia.



Policy guidelines - July 2013

Word (108 KB) or PDF (543 KB)

This contains information about the ACMA’s approach to assessing and prioritising requests to vary radio licence area plans (LAPs).

AM to FM conversion and requests for FM in-fill translators (PDF)

This contains information about the ACMA’s approach to AM to FM conversion of radio broadcasting services and the planning of FM in-fill translators to resolve coverage deficiencies for AM radio broadcasting services.

Record of advice and assumptions (244 kb PDF)

This contains a record of all advice received by the ACMA, and all assumptions made by the ACMA, in performing its functions under Part 3 – Planning of the broadcasting services bands of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

Broadcasting planning manual

Contains the ACMA's planning procedures and practices.

Television licence area plans (TLAPs)

This contains the repository for final TLAPs. TLAPs in discussion are views in the Draft TLAPs page.

Licence area plans (LAPs)

This contains the repository for final LAPs. LAPs in discussion are viewed in the Draft LAPs page.

Radio and television broadcasting stations book

Detailed listing of transmitters providing AM radio, FM radio, analog television and digital television broadcasting services, ordered by station callsign, channel/frequency and by area served.

A hardcopy version of the Stations Book is published annually and is available for purchase.

An internet edition of the publication is also produced. This online version is updated quarterly.

Technical planning guidelines

Include start up procedure, change of transmitter site procedure, technical planning guidelines for MF AM radio, VHF FM radio and VHF/UHF television; emission standards for AM radio, FM radio and terrestrial television services.

The Technical planning guidelines can also be viewed on this site.

Report on radio planning (Making waves) 1992–2001

Last updated: 12 June 2019