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Restack of digital TV services

Background to the restack of digital television

The process of clearing digital television services from the digital dividend band (694-820 MHz) is often referred to as the restacking of digital services or ‘restack’. After the restack is complete all digital television services will operate in the remaining UHF broadcasting spectrum of 520-694 MHz and VHF broadcasting spectrum of 174-230 MHz.

The restack activity has two major phases of work. The first, now completed phase, was the development of revised channel plans and sequencing plans that identify the final channels that digital television services will move to and the order in which the moves will need to occur. The second is the implementation of those channel changes by broadcasters and infrastructure providers. The Department of Communications appointed Broadcast Australia as the program manager for the restack of digital television services. A timetable of the channel change and retune dates can been found on the Department of Communications restack page.

Restack channel planning

The ACMA progressively developed restack channel planning proposals to facilitate the restack of digital television services. Following consultation with industry, these channel planning proposals are codified in instruments known as Television Licence Area Plans (TLAPs) and, in some circumstances, in Digital Channel Plans (DCPs). These instruments identify the channel allotments each digital television service will need to move to, if it needs to change, and by when the changes need to be made.

Digital television channel chart

Detailed restack channel planning work commenced in 2011 and is now complete. In the early stages of channel planning, to provide a framework that allowed the detailed channel planning for each licence area to proceed relatively independently, a ‘key sites indicative channel plan’ was developed. It has now been superseded by a more comprehensive Digital television channel chart for the restack of digital television services. The Digital television channel chart (previously known as the Indicative Channel Chart) provides a visual representation of the current channels and planned or post restack channels Australia wide.

New sites may be added and minor changes made to the digital television channel chart as switchover is completed and the restack progresses. Download the current Digital television channel chart.

Note: The Digital television channel chart is an .xlsm file that contains macros to allow resorting of the sites listing.

Last updated: 28 November 2016

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