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Coverage evaluation program

The ACMA-administered Coverage Evaluation Program (CEP) was developed to provide the government and broadcasters with information on analog and digital television coverage in advance of the switch to digital-only television in each switchover area.

The CEP was completed shortly after 31 December 2013, once the analog to digital television conversion was completed.

The CEP used a combination of computer modelling, field survey measurements, and complex statistical and engineering analysis to deliver evidence-based advice to government on the progress of the transition to digital television through:

  • analog and digital TV same coverage assessment
  • information about coverage and reception issues in signal-deficient areas
  • information about self-help re-transmission facilities
  • television coverage data to support the government's communications and assistance activities, including:
    • the web-based application mySwitch, which allows households to determine available digital TV services in their area
    • consumer eligibility for the satellite subsidy program.

Information gained from the CEP, including switchover area reports, was supplied to the Digital Switchover Taskforce (DST) ( within the former Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE), which was responsible for coordinating and overseeing Australia's transition from analog to digital television.

The CEP relied predominantly on analog and digital television signal measurements and coverage predictions to make engineering assessments and provide relevant advice to government on the switch to digital television. The CEP was not developed to assess the reception capabilities of individual households where unsuitable antenna types and/or installations, or inadequate reception equipment may cause viewers to experience digital reception difficulties.

Switchover area reports

The ACMA released area reports for each of the switchover areas in Australia in line with the government’s switchover timetable—around three months prior to the start of the switchover window for that area.

The CEP switchover area reports were developed against a background of evolving government requirements. The program’s reporting adapted over time in response to these requirements. Importantly, the reports reflect a particular point in time and may not incorporate government and broadcaster initiatives taken for a switchover area after the provision of the ACMA’s advice. In particular, the reports do not include coverage assessment of new digital (gap filler) transmitters or existing analog self-help facilities/services that have been digitally converted. These facilities have been established by broadcasters following the CEP field survey to extend and/or improve digital terrestrial television coverage to relevant areas.

Given the constantly evolving nature of the digital television landscape in Australia, the ACMA recommends that viewers should always, in the first instance, refer to the mySwitch tool for all the latest information on digital television services in their area.

CEP switchover area reports

Mildura area

Regional South Australia areas

Regional Victoria areas

Regional Queensland areas

Regional Southern NSW areas

Regional Northern NSW areas

Metropolitan areas

Remote areas

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Last updated: 17 December 2012