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Planning principles

The Digital Radio Planning Committee for regional Australia, chaired by the ACMA, was established in the third quarter of 2015 to work with industry to plan digital radio in regional Australia. After 12 months of extensive feasibility studies and research, the technical sub-committee (TSC) of the Digital Radio Planning Committee presented a comprehensive technical report, along with the results of the feasibility studies undertaken by the ACMA and Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) to the committee.

The technical report contained recommendations on high-level planning principles for the allotment of digital radio frequency blocks for the rollout of regional digital radio. The ACMA has now adopted these planning principles and will take these principles into account when preparing indicative regional allotment plans, which will, in turn, inform the future preparation of digital radio channel plans (DRCPs).

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Engineering and other studies underpin the allotment planning for the expansion of digital radio into regional Australia. Studies are conducted by the ACMA and industry engineers. The studies reveal the complexity of spectrum planning, and are used by the ACMA to inform its planning decisions.

The following table contains:

  • a copy of the report prepared by the technical sub-committee outlining the technical aspects of the planning of DAB+ for regional Australia
  • prediction and allotment studies undertaken by the ACMA relating to the planning of digital radio services in regional areas of Australia. (Reports will be published progressively in the Table below as detailed planning is undertaken in the relevant areas as required.)
  • national frequency block allotments for digital radio planning in regional Australia.

Name of report



DAB+ Regional Planning Technical Report



Predictions and allotment studies within 400 km of Sydney



Predictions and allotment studies within 400 km of Sydney—Addendum 1



Predictions and allotment studies within 400 km of Sydney—Addendum 2



Predictions and allotment studies within 400 km of Sydney—Addendum 3



National frequency blocks under a 6/2 allotment scenario



Indicative regional allotment plans

The ACMA will prepare indicative regional allotment plans for digital radio frequency blocks. These allotment plans will seek to provide indicative spectrum allotments for possible future digital radio services across broad regions of Australia.

The ACMA will publish the indicative regional allotment plans when they have been prepared.

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Last updated: 21 December 2016