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Industry planning

The government asked the ACMA to facilitate the rollout of digital radio in regional areas where licensees make the commercial decision to offer the service.

The ACMA is facilitating the digital radio rollout by preparing digital radio channel plans (DRCPs) and issuing licences that authorise digital radio multiplex transmitters. The DRCPs will make frequencies available to joint venture companies of broadcasters to provide ongoing digital radio services. The timing of commencement of digital radio in a licence area will be the guided by the business plans of the broadcasters in the licence area.

The ACMA is relying on industry for advice about which markets have planning priority.

For advice about the timeframe for digital radio rollout please consult the Digital Radio Plus website, which has the latest news on digital radio developments in Australia for industry.

Industry links

For further information on digital radio, see the links below to a range of Australian and international websites that include government, broadcasters, industry bodies and not-for-profit digital radio networks.

Last updated: 21 December 2016