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Open narrowcasting overview

Open narrowcasting services are broadcasting services whose reception is limited in at least one of a number of ways specified in section 18 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992:

  • by being targeted to special interest groups;
  • by being intended for limited locations (e.g. arenas or business premises);
  • by being provided during a limited period or to cover a special event;
  • because they provide programs of limited appeal;
  • or for some other reason.

List of HPON and networked LPON services

All services providing high power open narrowcasting services and networked low power open narrowcasting services are required to provide information about their service to the ACMA (see Additional Conditions). A summary of this information is provided below (this list is updated when the ACMA receives new information):

List of licences for open narrowcasting services issued under the price-based allocation system:

Last updated: 19 September 2018