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Proposed changes to radio service in Darwin and Katherine

ACMA Media Release 95- 5 December 2012

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is seeking public comment on proposed changes to improve and add radio services in the Darwin and Katherine area.

The ACMA is proposing to amend the Licence Area Plan - Darwin Radio to:

  • formalise the operation of 8PNN Darwin and Katherine and 8HOT and 8MIX Adelaide River
  • improve the operation of the Darwin radio broadcasting services 8ABCFM, 8DDD, 8JJJ, 8PNN, 8SBSFM, 8HOT & 8MIX, 8GGG, 8KNB & 8TOP and the Katherine radio broadcasting service 8KTR
  • make a frequency available for a new community radio service to be provided in Darwin.

The proposed changes are contained in the Draft Variation to Licence Area Plan - Darwin Radio - No. 2 of 2012 and discussed in accompanying explanatory paper.

The documents are available on the ACMA's website or by calling 1300 850 115.

More information on the ACMA's broadcast planning process and licence area plans can be found at the ACMA website.

The closing date for comments on the proposals is 5pm Friday 11 January 2013.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Blake Murdoch on (02) 9334 7817, 0434 567 391 or

Last updated: 03 March 2017