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Draft television licence area plans open for comment

The following table is a list of the ACMA's draft television licence area plans (TLAPs) or draft variations to TLAPs currently out for comment. The draft TLAPs are being made to allot channels and identify time frames for the clearance of the digital dividend spectrum. Go to the Closed draft TLAPs section to see the previous draft TLAPs released for comment and submissions received in response to the drafts.

Please note that once a television licence area plan is finalised, it is published in the ACMA publications section under Final TLAPs.

These documents have been provided in Word or Adobe PDF formats. For an alternative format of these documents, please contact the ACMA's Broadcasting Carriage Policy Section on (02) 6219 5555 or email info@acma.gov.au.


Area served

Release date

Closing date










  • TLAP - Television licence area plan
  • PD - Planning data
  • DP - Discussion paper
  • ER - Engineering report

Last updated: 03 March 2017