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CB charge Adelaide man charged with CB radio offences


A 44 year old Kilburn man has been charged with five offences under the Radiocommunications Act 1992. The charges follow an investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority into allegations of abuse and harassment by the defendant while using a Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) in the Adelaide area.

A CBRS is a two-way, short distance, communications service that can be used by any person in Australia, whether it is for recreational or domestic purposes, or in connection with work or business.

A person operating a CB station must not:

  • operate the station in a way that would be likely to cause a reasonable person to be seriously alarmed or seriously affronted; or
  • operate the station for the purpose of harassing a person.

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has charged the defendant with the following offences:

  • operation of a radiocommunications device otherwise than as authorised by a licence;
  • possession of radiocommunications devices, for the purposes of operation, otherwise than as authorised by a licence; and
  • reckless conduct resulting in substantial disruption and disturbance of radiocommunications.

The defendant appeared at the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday 6 September 2013 in relation to these charges. The matter has been adjourned until Friday 15 November 2013.

More information about Citizen Band radio is available on the ACMA website.

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Media release 67/2013 - 16 September

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