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Regional commercial radio local content reporting

An online lodgement system is available for regional commercial radio licensees to submit all local content and trigger event compliance reports and declarations.

Regulatory requirements—local content

Under the Broadcasting Services (Regional Commercial Radio - Material of Local Significance) Licence Condition 2014, regional commercial radio licensees must broadcast prescribed amounts of local content during daytime hours (5 am to 8 pm) each business day.

The Broadcasting (Hours of Local Content) Declaration No. 1 of 2017, sets out the prescribed amounts of local content as:

  • 30 minutes for small licences (licences that serve licence areas with a population of less than 30,000 people)
  • three hours for all other relevant licences.

Local content must be ‘material of local significance’. This is material which is hosted in, produced in or relates to the relevant licence area (including by having a direct and substantial relationship to the licence area).

Additional requirements apply to trigger event affected regional commercial radio licensees.

Important note!

The local content requirements do not apply to:

  • licences allocated under subsection 40(1) of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992
  • regional racing service radio licences
  • remote area service radio licences.

Five-week exemption period each year

Regional commercial radio licensees are exempt from complying with the local content requirements for one five-week period a year.

The default five-week period commences on the second Monday in December each year. This default period applies to all licensees unless the ACMA has specified a different period for a licence. Regional commercial radio licensees can request the ACMA to specify a different five-week period by completing a Holiday Period Request Form  and submitting it to the ACMA.

Help directory

This directory provides you with documents and links to information about submitting your annual compliance declaration online.

Further information

You can email the ACMA’s Regional Commercial Radio Local Content Team at or phone (02) 9334 7700 for specific advice about your local content obligations.

Licensees may be contacted by the ACMA about the compliance information they have provided. Contact will be directed to the person who submitted the information on behalf of the licensee.

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Handbook and forms

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Last updated: 17 December 2012