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Commercial radio disclosure standard

Under the disclosure standard, commercial radio licensees that broadcast current affairs and talkback programs must disclose certain commercial agreements and other arrangements that have the potential to affect the content of such programs.

Commercial radio licensees must also publish on their website, a register of commercial agreements.  This register must be able to be accessed by a link from the station's homepage. Section 11 of the disclosure standard outlines the information that must be included in the online register.

Citizens can complain directly to the ACMA if they believe a commercial radio licensee has not complied with the disclosure standard.

The ACMA has prepared a guide to the commercial radio current affairs disclosure statement, which is available here.

Background to the commercial radio current affairs disclosure standard

The disclosure standard was first determined by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (the ABA) in 2000 – along with two other program standards for commercial radio. The ABA's determination of the commercial radio standards followed the Commercial Radio Inquiry (also popularly known as 'the cash for comment' inquiry).

The disclosure standard was reformed by the ACMA in 2012, as a consequence of the ACMA's completed Review of the Commercial Radio Standards.

Last updated: 11 November 2018