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Be malware aware: Daily infections data

Media release 29/2013 - 21 May

The Australian Communications and Media Authority today launched a webpage containing detailed statistics of malicious software (malware) infections reported daily to internet service providers and other network operators through the Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI). The launch is part of National Cyber Security Awareness Week.

On average during this financial year around 16,500 malware reports have been provided to AISI participants each day—representing a significant level of malware affecting Australian Internet users.

‘Once infected with malware, a user’s personal identity information can be stolen and their infected computing device used to harm and infect other internet users,’ said ACMA Deputy Chairman, Richard Bean.

‘Just as the internet increasingly provides rapid access to information about news, events and the activities of friends and family, it should also enable Australians to quickly get information about online risks and threats such as malware infections.’

The AISI malware statistics webpage is updated each morning with statistics on the number of infections reported to AISI participants earlier on that day, including the top 20 infection types reported. The data spans a rolling 90 day period.

The most prevalent infection type currently being reported through the AISI are numerous variants of ‘Zeus’. It is primarily used for banking fraud, and, among other things, can intercept and modify an infected user's online banking transactions. This then allows cyber criminals to steal money from an infected user’s bank account.

The AISI is run by the ACMA in collaboration with more than 130 Australian internet providers. The ACMA’s intention is to help reduce malware infections in Australia and is a core component of the Internet Industry Association’s icode.

Each day AISI participants receive a report detailing malware infections identified on their networks. They are expected to alert their infected customers and provide general advice on how to address the malware infection and help prevent future infections

The ACMA is a supporter of National Cyber Security Awareness Week and strongly recommends that Australian internet users follow the top 10 tips to keep cyber safe listed here.

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