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RadComms 2017: workshop material

Three parallel workshops, held on the first day of RadComms 2017, will provide delegates with the opportunity to contribute to and gain a deeper insight into key spectrum reform and implementation issues. The workshops will focus on radiocommunications licensing, interference management, and equipment rules.

Material for each workshop can be downloaded below.

Workshop 1: Radiocommunications licensing

RadComms licensing workshop—Background paper
(Word, 411 KB) (PDF, 435 KB)

Workshop 2: Interference management

Review of Interference Management Principles—Consultation paper
(Word, 375 KB) (PDF, 175 KB)

Additional reading material:

Keeping on top of interference, Critical Comms

The bandwidth defender, IEEE Spectrum

Workshop 3: Equipment rules

Equipment rules—Supporting material for the Exposure Draft of the Radiocommunications Bill 2017
(Word, 358 KB) (PDF, 145 KB)

Last updated: 13 March 2018