ACMA warns Clear Networks on deficient Financial Hardship Policy | ACMA

ACMA warns Clear Networks on deficient Financial Hardship Policy

In May 2013, the Australian Communications and Media Authority formally warned telco provider Clear Networks to comply with the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (TCP code) after finding its Financial Hardship Policy (FHP) didn’t have company contact time details and only scant information about where customers could locate community financial counsellors.

FHPs are designed to provide important information to assist customers who may be experiencing financial hardship.

Under the TCP Code, FHPs must contain information such as service provider contact details and times for consumers who want to discuss their financial circumstances. They must also give options for customers to manage the cost of their telecommunications service and provide sources for contact details of community financial counsellors.

Providers are also required to refer to their FHP when sending out billing reminder notices.

Clear Networks has now addressed the ACMA’s concerns. However, the ACMA will continue monitoring the industry to ensure TCP code compliance.

More information about FHPs is available.

Last updated: 17 May 2013