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The ACMA manages Australia’s telephone numbering. Telephone numbers available and rules related to their use are specified in the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015.

The ACMA’s Numbering System allows carriage service providers (CSPs) to apply for an allocation of numbers. CSPs can then issue numbers to individual customers. The Numbering System is also used to transfer and surrender numbers. Individuals can register with the Numbering System to receive updates about changes to telephone numbering.

Types of numbers in use in Australia

The main types of numbers in use in Australia are:

  • Geographic numbers—10-digit numbers that start with 02, 03, 07 or 08 and are predominantly used with local or fixed-line services.
  • Digital mobile numbers—10-digit numbers that start with 04 that are used with mobile services. The 10-digit 05 number range is also set aside for use with mobile services but is not yet available due to enough 04 numbers being free.
  • Local rate numbers—10-digit numbers that start with 1300 and six-digit numbers that start with 13.
  • Freephone numbers—10-digit numbers that start with 1800 and seven-digit numbers that start with 180.
  • smartnumbers—a subset of 10-digit 1300 and 1800 numbers and six-digit 13 numbers often used by businesses to make it easier for people to remember them e.g. 13 CATS (13 2287).
  • Premium rate numbers—10, eight or six-digit numbers starting with 190 (10-digit) or 19 (six and eight-digit).

The ACMA provides information on call costs and charges here.

Register of Numbers

Information about all numbers available and those allocated to CSPs can be found on the ACMA’s Register of Numbers.

Fictitious numbers

The ACMA has set aside telephone numbers available for use in radio, books, films and television. These numbers are not connected to any service and can be used freely. Download the list of numbers here.

Register of Other Numbers

The following types of numbers are not allocated through the ACMA’s numbering system:

  • International signalling point codes (ISPCs)
  • Issuer identifier numbers (IINs)
  • Mobile network codes (MNCs)
  • Network colour codes (NCCs)

Applications for any of these types of numbers can be made by completing one of the applications forms below and submitting to

The Register of Other Numbers lists the currently allocated and available numbers for each of these types of numbers.

Application forms


T041—International signalling point codes (Transfer)

66 kb

T058—Mobile network codes (Application and surrender)

57 kb

T059—International signalling point codes (Application and surrender)

189 kb

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