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Annual Numbering Charge (ANC) information

Important information about the Annual Numbering Charge (ANC) 2019

The ANC revenue target for 2019 is $60 million. Telecommunications providers are charged for any numbers they hold on the census date (8 April 2019) that are subject to ANC.

For numbers which are not exempt from ANC, the amount of charge depends on the number’s length—the shorter a number, the higher the charge.

Telecommunications providers should ensure that their contact details and user permissions are kept up to date in the ACMA’s Numbering System to ensure they receive timely information relating to ANC.

Please note that a late payment penalty applies to ANC payments made after the payment deadline date (15 June 2019). Please also note that the ACMA can withdraw numbers from a service provider in the event of non-payment of the ANC.

Key dates for ANC 2019

  • 22 March 2019 —the last day non-standard blocks of numbers can be surrendered
  • 6 April 2019—the last day standard blocks of numbers can be surrendered (up until 11:59pm)
  • 7 April 2019—the census date for ANC 2019
  • 7-23 April 2019—Port Out reports must be uploaded during this period (up until 11:59pm)
  • 24-26 April 2019—Charge Redistribution reports must be uploaded during this period (up until 11:59pm - Please note that late Port Out and Charge Redistribution reports cannot be accepted)
  • 15 June 2019—the payment deadline for ANC (Note: a minimum 30 day payment period will be provided).

Invoices and statements will be distributed via email in late April 2019. These can be accessed through the ACMA’s Numbering System.

Background information about ANC

Telecommunications providers may pass this charge onto end-users but the amount of the charge must accurately reflect the amount determined by the ACMA for the relevant type of number.

The ANC applies to all eligible numbers held by a service provider whether or not the number is allocated to an end-user. Telecommunications providers can minimise their ANC liability by surrendering unwanted numbers before the census date. The ANC liability is based on number holdings as recorded on the ACMA’s Numbering System and is calculated using the formula in the Telecommunications (Annual Charge) Determination 2014.

The ANC does not apply to the following types of numbers:

  • Geographic numbers
  • Community service numbers
  • Telex numbers
  • International signalling point code
  • Mobile network codes
  • Carriage service provider identification codes (14XY codes)
  • International access codes (four and five digits in length only)
  • Virtual private network access codes
  • Incoming only international access codes (four and five digits in length only).

Some other numbers are charged at a reduced rate:

  • Testing service numbers
  • Internal network service numbers
  • Incoming only international access codes (more than five digits in length).

Enquiries about the ANC Enquiries about the ANC may be directed to the Industry Services and Numbering Section at the ACMA via or by calling (03) 9963 6800.

ANC amounts

The base number charge for 2019 and previous ANC amounts for a liable ten digit number are listed below:


 ANC for 10 digit number ($)
 2019  0.6309243135
 2018  0.6369583151 
 2017  0.6401320208


 2015  0.6546107700
 2014  0.6775239350
 2013  0.6602585277
 2012  0.6790342217
 2011  0.6946386328
 2010  0.7850547171
 2009  0.8097682824
 2008  0.8213113119
 2007  0.8615326398
 2006  0.9087050663
 2005  0.9460932785

Last updated: 06 June 2019