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803–960 MHz: How to change your licence

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If you’re not sure whether your licence is affected by new arrangement in the 803-960 MHz band, check the ACMA on-line search tool, using your licence number or client number as the search term. You can also check the milestone transition timeline, or for more detailed information, the decision paper, The ACMA’s long-term strategy for the 803–960 MHz band (Word 2.4 Mb).

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How to change your licence

You can update your licence with the assistance of an accredited person. An accredited person will issue a frequency assignment certificate (FAC), which is then submitted to the ACMA for allocation to comply with 800 MHz implementation requirements.

Alternatively, the licence can be varied by the ACMA. The applicant needs to complete one of the relevant application forms (land, mobile or fixed) available under spectrum forms.

View the list and contact details of accredited persons.

Fees for changing your licence

Charges are set out in our apparatus licence fees schedule under Table 23.

Licence variation without a frequency assignment certificate (FAC), where we perform technical coordination, is charged at the same rate as issuing the licence for the first time.

How to surrender a licence

To request the surrender of a licence, please let us know by emailing info@acma.gov.au. Make sure you provide your client number and the list of licenses you would like to surrender. In cases where a licence is surrendered early and a pro-rata credit applies, we’ll calculate the appropriate refund and send you a cheque.

Last updated: 17 October 2017