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There are many sources of information and support to help licensees transition to the new 400 MHz plan. The ACMA recommends users consider all the sources relevant to their circumstances. These include:

  • The Accredited Persons (AP) Scheme provides a market-based solution for frequency coordination. APs are authorised to issue frequency assignment certificates (FACs) for the operation of radio transmitters and receivers under apparatus licences. APs generally provide this service with a quick turnaround time.
  • The Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) is the peak national industry body representing the two-way and associated wireless radio communications industry in Australia. Equipment suppliers may provide information about the implications of the 400 MHz transition for their customers’ particular circumstances and, if required, help with equipment reprogramming.
  • The National Coordinating Committee for Government Radiocommunication (NCCGR) implements the National Framework to Improve Government Radiocommunications Interoperability 2010–2020 and advises government on the efficient use of spectrum. The NCCGR has drafted a set of guiding principles for assigning against the government 400 MHz spectrum allocation and produced a government spectrum plan for Government Services RALI:GS1. Licensees and users can also find information on government 400 MHz licence planning.

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400 MHz Implementation Project

Andrew Stewart, Manager of 400 MHz Implementation Team — or (02) 6219 5238

Customer support 400 MHz project

1300 850 115

General assignment enquiries and licensing issues or 1300 850 115

Requests or enquiries about exemptions to frequency assigning policy

Applications and administrative issues for APs

Last updated: 12 March 2013