Financial transaction processes | ACMA

Financial transaction processes

The ACMAs spectrum management system, SPECTRA, allows applicants and licensees to make a choice about the way they conduct financial transactions with the ACMA.

  • Credit Accounts– Customers can establish a credit account with the ACMA, apply for and be issued licences and receive a single statement for payment at the end of the month. The ACMA will still issue a not for payment invoice per licence for record purposes but this will reduce the number of transactions required with the ACMA. To establish an account, please contact the ACMA Customer Service Centre for a form and note the establishment and maintenance fee of $476.30 (including GST) per annum.
  • Upfront payment – Calculate the amount payable per transaction and make a single payment when submitting the application.

Payment Methods

Payments can be accepted via any of the following methods:

  • Credit Card – Customers can pay up to $100,000 per transaction and can:
              • Pay for a single invoice per transaction, or
              • Pay multiple invoices in a single transaction.
  • B-PAY – Bank restrictions on transactions means that customers will need to pay each invoice individually.
  • ChequeCustomers can pay each invoice individually or can pay multiple invoices with a single cheque.

Last updated: 04 September 2019