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Review of Commercial Radio Standards

In November 2011, the ACMA completed its review of the three commercial radio standards introduced by the ABA after the Commercial Radio Inquiry in 2000, namely:

  • The advertising standard
  • The disclosure standard;
  • The compliance program standard.

The review considered the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the regulatory arrangements created under these commercial radio standards, including the extent to which they achieved the objects and regulatory policy of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

The ACMA's final report of the Review of the Commercial Radio Standards (PDF) set out regulatory reforms to ensure commercial radio regulation continues to deliver appropriate and contemporary community safeguards.

On the basis of the review findings, the ACMA decided to maintain advertising and disclosure standards with some important changes and clarifications – and to revoke the compliance standard.

The revised standards and compliance standard revocation began on 1 May 2012.

Documents relevant to the review




Review of the commercial radio standards: Issues Paper

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Community Attitudes to Radio Content

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Listener Attitudes to Advertising, Sponsorship and Influence on Commercial Radio

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International Regulation of Advertising, Sponsorship and Commercial Disclosure for Commercial Radio Broadcasting

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Industry Compliance with the Compliance Program Standard

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Copies of submissions to the issues paper are available below in PDF format:

In March 2011 the ACMA released an options paper for comment as well as economics research and a literature review. These documents can be viewed by clicking the links below:




Review of the commercial radio standards: Options Paper

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 494 kb

Reform of the Commercial Radio Standards: a review of the expected economic costs

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 567 kb

Review of literature on commercial influence in news and current affairs programs on commercial radio


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Copies of submissions to the options paper are available below in PDF format.

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