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ACMA decides not to renew radio licence

MR 19/2013 - 22 March 2013

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has decided not to renew a community radio licence in Tasmania. The licence is held by Northern Midlands Community Broadcasters Inc. (7HRT) in the Northern Midlands RA1 licence area

Under subsection 91(2A) of the Broadcasting Services Act (the BSA), the ACMA may decide not to renew a community broadcasting licence. 

7HRT has not been broadcasting since July 2012. 

The ACMA considers licence renewal applications against statutory matters. Having had regard to those considerations, the ACMA has decided not to renew the licence held by 7HRT, as: 

  • the service is not meeting the existing needs and will not be able to meet the perceived future needs of the community in the licence area to an adequate extent; and 
  • 7HRT does not have the capacity, including the management and financial capacity, to provide the service. 

The licence held by 7HRT will lapse when it expires on 30 April 2013. At that time, the spectrum may be made available for temporary community broadcasting purposes if the ACMA receives a valid application. 

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