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Useful NBN links & contacts

Telephone or internet service providers

Your current service provider can give you advice about the services it offers once the NBN is available in your area, and answer questions about moving to an NBN service.

However, you can choose any service provider in your area that offers the NBN services you require. Details of service providers in activated areas are available on the NBN Co website.


To keep track of the proposed timing for the NBN rollout in your area, view the NBN rollout map.

NBN enquiries and complaints should be directed to the NBN Co website, which contains information about whether queries are best directed to your provider or to NBN Co in the first instance. Alternatively, you may phone NBN Co on 1800 687 626.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

The TIO is an independent dispute resolution service that assists people and small businesses with complaints about their telephone or internet service provider. If you have an NBN dispute you cannot resolve directly with your service provider, call 1800 062 058 or lodge a complaint on the TIO website.


The ACMA does not have any direct role in overseeing the NBN rollout. Contact NBN Co or your service provider for enquiries. Complaints should be directed to your service provider in the first instance, and then the TIO.

Last updated: 13 May 2019