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Consumer scam alert: Fake ACMA calls

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has received reports from members of the public of scam callers claiming to be from the Do Not Call Register. These callers have attempted to convince consumers to provide them with personal and financial details.

The scammers claim to be from, or work on behalf of, the ACMA, the Do Not Call Register or ‘the government’. Typically, the scammer starts the call by asking consumers how many telemarketing or nuisance calls they receive in a day. The caller then offers a device they claim will prevent all unwanted calls, explaining there is a charge for installation (e.g. $170) that can be paid in installments by credit card. The caller may also indicate they are pretending to be a telemarketer to test whether the consumer’s phone company would let the call through.

The ACMA reminds Australians that it does not make calls to the public offering services related to the Do Not Call Register. It does not offer any ‘device’ that can be installed to stop telemarketing calls and is not aware of any device that would be effective for this purpose.

The ACMA warns that no personal identification or financial details should be provided to callers claiming to represent the Do Not Call Register.

You can report a scam to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) by visiting

To put your telephone, mobile or fax on the register, visit or by phone 1300 792 958. 

Last updated: 25 June 2017