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Getting back to cyber security basics

ACMA media release 54/2011 – 1 June

When it comes to making sure our online experiences are safe and secure, the Australian Communications and Media Authority believes we can all take some time to brush up on the basics.

To help do that, the ACMA launched NetBasics - a new cyber security education resource for teenagers as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Week in Sydney at the Marsden High School in West Ryde.

NetBasics is a series of 11 short animated episodes that follow the online experiences of the Jones family. Targeted at middle school students (aged 12 -15 year-olds), NetBasics reinforces the foundations of online security and covers important cyber security topics such as online shopping, online trickery, online banking and the importance of installing and updating security software.

'Employing basic security precautions is crucial to minimise the risk of falling prey to cyber criminals,' said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman 'NetBasics will help equip teenagers with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure their online experiences are safe, secure and rewarding.'

All of the NetBasics episodes and support materials are hosted on the ACMA's Cybersmart website, which contains a wealth of resources, tips, activities and practical advice to help kids, teens, parents, teachers and librarians keep safe online.

The full program of ACMA activities for National Cyber Security Awareness Week is on the website

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