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Overseas satellite TV interference


Things to know:

  • Overseas free-to-air satellite TV signals are not protected in Australia.
  • The ACMA isn’t able to help you if you experience interference to these services.
  • An expert may be able to help, but sometimes problems can’t be fixed.

Satellite TV reception

Everyone should be able to receive Australian free-to-air television. In Australia the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) system gives you access to TV in areas where local coverage is not available.       

Sometimes, you may be able to view overseas TV channels if you have suitable satellite dish and receiving equipment. However, due to the nature of overseas satellite TV services and the equipment used to receive these services, signals may be prone to disruption. Overseas TV signals are not protected from interference in Australia, and the ACMA is not able to help you with these issues.

Why am I getting interference?

If you are getting overseas free-to-air satellite TV and are experiencing disruption to your service, this may be caused by a number of other local radiocommunications services operating nearby.

Some overseas satellite TV services may be affected by local signals from mobile phone towers. New mobile broadband internet technology in your area may also cause reception issues. 

Ask an expert

If you are getting interference and want somebody to look at it, use a professional satellite dish technician. They can try to work out what is causing the interference and tell you if it is possible to fix the problem.

It is important to know that it is not always possible to fix reception problems with overseas free-to-air TV services. Think about this before you install a satellite dish or call out a technician to look at the issue.

If you would like more technical information, please visit our technicians’ information page.

Last updated: 28 March 2019